Studs, Struts & Stilettos


Studs, Struts & Stilettos is a one in a million event, a Construction Fashion Expose designed to showcase the creativity and resourcefulness of building industry professionals.

All of the designs showcased will be inspired by, and partially created from, materials used in the building industry.


April 23rd at Mayo Civic Center Auditorium

To learn more, go to            Rochester Area Builders



Habitat 500 Bike Ride

The annual Habitat 500 Bike ride is July 12 - 18th. This year it will start and end in Owatonna.

For more info, Habitat 500.




Current Projects

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Youth United

Middle and High School students are invited to attend the meetings each month.  Contact Patricia at


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Studs, Struts & Stilettos - Thurs. April 23rd


Habitat 500 Bike Ride - July 12th thru July 18th