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Team Captains:  Please click on the blue "Create your Team" button at the top of the screen and create your team.  Once your team has been created, please return to the first page and click on the green "Register Now" button and register for your team.  Be sure all your team members register for the event.


Team Members:  Please click on the green "Register Now" button to register.  On the registration form, select your Team name in the drop down list of teams and continue with your registration.  If you do NOT see your Team name in the drop down list, please contact your Team Captain.  After registering you will receive e-mail updates about the event and your Team Captain will get information to help with your fundraising.


Individuals:  Please click on the green "Register Now" button to register.  DO NOT select a team name from the drop down list within the registration form.





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Tour de Habitat 2013


Fourth Annual Stationary Bike Fundraiser

March 1st, 2013 at 6:00pm


tour 2013


                                                                                                        rochester athletic club logo



This event is held at the Rochester Athletic Club

  3100 19th St NW, Rochester MN.   








What is the Tour de Habitat?             group

The Tour de Habitat is an indoor cycling event and carnival.  The physical goal of the event is for teams to keep a stationary bike spinning for 90 minutes.  To helps with this goal, cycling instructors form the Rochester Athletic Club lead the cyclists on a ride set to music to keep the excitement up.  Your team decides how long each member rides and up to six teammates can ride.  The fundraising goal for the event is to raise $500+ per bike to go towards making a family's dreams of homeownership come true.


Who Should Participate?

Adults and teens of all ages and cycling abilities can participate in the ride.  If you are interested in riding the whole 90 minutes then you can sign up without a team.  If you are new to cycling then grab a bunch of friends and have a team.  With a team of six, each person need only ride 15 minutes.  This might be a great way to start cycling!  Teens will need to have a guardian agree with a consent form.


What do I do when I'm not biking?team

This year's event is going to be held in the Neighborhood at the RAC.  This family friendly, fun filled area provides a lot of options for things to do when not on the bike.  There will be planned activities that are part of the competition and will bring the competition to all age groups.  Other activities are just plain fun.  Your paid registration will allow you access to all the carnival events including the bounce house and giant slide.  Get the whole family involved!  Prizes will be awarded for the best performance at each competitive activity.  The overall team with the best performance in the competitive events will also be awarded.

After the ride there will be a reception to thank all that participated, hand out awards and eat cake!


What's in it for me?

Besides the physical high of an exciting workout, and the mental high of raising money to help a family get a simple, decent, and affordable home, there are prizes awarded to teams that are the high fundraisers and best spirit on the day of the ride. 

Reach the fundraising goals before the event to be eligible for fabulous prizes and your choice of bike position at the event.

Blue Ribbon - Raise $500 by February 1st

Green Ribbon - Raise $500 by February 15th

White Ribbon - Raise $500 by February 22


How do I fundraise?

When you register on a fundraising website will automatically be created for your fundraising.  You can e-mail the link to friends, family, colleagues, and post it on social  You can also fundraise the old fashioned way (checks and cash) and add them to your fundraising goal. Fundraising tips are listed below.


What's the schedule for the day of the event?

The day before or the day of the race t-shirts and race information can be picked up at the Habitat office.

Check in for the race will begin at 5:30.  Teams can meet up and get the excitement building.  RAC cycling instructors will be available to show you how the bikes work and adjust the bikes for the first rider.  The cycling will start at 6:00 and go for 90 minutes.  Instructors will take cyclists thorough a warm-up, a cardio portion, and a cool down.  During the ride time the carnival will be in full swing for those participants not biking. A reception will be held right after the biking is complete at 7:30.


For more info contact Heather at or call 507-288-2772.


Now that you have signed up for Tour de Habitat, how do you raise money?


Everyone can raise $500


Here's how you can raise $500 in one week:

  1. Start with your own contribution ............................................................... $  25.00
  2. Email five friends asking them to match your contribution .........................$125.00
  3. Ask four family members to contribute $25 each ......................................$100.00
  4. Ask your employer to contribute $50 (and ask about matching funds)......$  50.00
  5. Ask five co-workers to contribute $10 each ..............................................$  50.00
  6. Ask five neighbors to contribute $10 each ...............................................$  50.00
  7. Ask four businesses you frequent for $25 each .......................................$100.00

             (dry cleaner, hair stylist, doctor, etc.)


         Congratulations.....You've raised $500.00!!


  Photos from previous years:


tour team team


team tea, team


team team cake


team hussein team bikes


youth team team team


fransiscan tour tour